LP Aventure - engine - skid plate - 2020-2023 Outback

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  • Made of 3/16 " thick aluminum
    It provides good protection to the components that are generally exposed under the car as the engine, oil pan and transmission.
  • Compatible with the 2.4L Turbo and 2.5L n/a engine
    The design allows the installation of the skid plate on the Subaru Outback equipped with one or the other of the two engines.

  • Oil Holes 
    In order to facilitate oil changes, we have incorporated a hole specifically designed for this.
  • The LP Aventure Skid Plate is compatible with the LP Aventure bumper guards
    You must have a LP Adventure bumper guard  (small or big) to install this skid plate. We have the concern to offer robust parts that will meet the high expectations of our customers. That's why we designed this skid plate in this way. We found that there were no strong points of attachment under the car to install the skid plate directly to it. The LP Aventure bumper guards allow you to install the skid plate securely and offer maximum protection.