Affirm Financing


Affirm is a financing solution that allows you to pay between 6 and 60 months to help with those larger purchases. Affirm offers the highest approval rates in Canada along with easy and automatic payments.

Who can use Affirm?
You must be the age of majority of the province or territory you reside in, and must have a valid history of credit in Canada.

How do I sign up for Affirm?
For all e-commerce transactions, the application is integrated into the checkout process on the our website. Simply select Affirm as your payment method when you checkout and fill out our quick application for an instant decision.

Does Affirm check my credit?
It depends! Affirm does an instant credit check with a bureau (such as Equifax or TransUnion) if you are paying in Equal Monthly Payments or if you are using a Affirm Virtual Card.

Interest Rates
The cost of the payment plans ranges between 0% and 29.95% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Processing Fees
Some of Affirm plans include a small monthly processing fee with each payment..

Cost of Borrowing
Your total cost of borrowing equals the total interest and processing fees that will be paid over the term of the loan. This amount will be lower if you've received a partial refund or made any extra payments toward your loan.

Affirm seeks to have the highest standards of transparency so that charges are always fully clear to you. The exact APR/total cost of borrowing that applies to your purchase will be calculated and shown to you before you finalize any transaction.

Do I need to have a Canadian mobile number?
Yes, you need a Canadian mobile number to purchase with Affirm. This is how they protect your identity and verify that it's really you.

Have a new phone number?
Your phone number is a key identifier within your PayBright account, and it helps them assign your spending limit when you select Affirm at checkout. If you've changed your number, they will need sufficient proof of this change before they can update the new number in your Affirm account.

Can I increase my spending limit?
While Affirm is not able to increase your spending limit, the automated method is designed to assign the highest spending limit possible, so that you are covered in case you wanted to add an extra thing or two!

Why was I declined for a payment plan?
We're sorry that Affirm couldn't approve you for a payment plan at this time. The decision is based on several factors. Here are a few possible reasons:

Affirm couldn't gather sufficient credit information from the credit bureau to make a decision.

Your credit information didn't allow them to provide an approval

Your existing Affirm spending limit is less than the minimum purchase amount set by Lachute Performance.

History of late or unsuccessful payments