Lachute Performance Ensemble Turbo BRZ / 86 / FR-S / GR86

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*This kit is only sold and installed in our workshop 

We are proud to offer this quality performance solution for your BRZ/FR-S/86. 

We have studied and tested multiple parts and solutions for several months so we could offer you a complete and well performing kit that would be up to Lachute Performance’s quality requirements. This kit is entirely fabricated, installed and tuned in our facility.  

Here are some more details about what makes our kit strong and reliable. 

The exhaust manifold is made with the strictest quality standards. It is completely assembled with 304 stainless steel and entirely TIG welded and back purged. This makes the welds as strong as or even stronger than the parts they unite. The 4 double layer slip-joints also allow the headers to expand and retract with heat without any leaks, which considerably reduces the risks of cracking. 

The downpipe is also completely fabricated from 304 stainless steel. It has two bungs for both original oxygen sensors and a third one to accommodate for any tuning needs or wideband air/fuel ratio gauge install. It is also completely mounted on V-band flanges for ease of installation and maintenance. 

An adaptor is included to transition from the 3 inch downpipe to any 2.5 inch exhaust overpipe. A 3 inch adaptor can be made upon order.  

 All the necessary parts to make this kit completely functional are also included. 

A 40mm Turbosmart external wastegate 

Turbosmart Blow-Off valve 

A 475hp cooling capacity front mount intercooler with a complete piping kit and a cold air intake system. (We offer a powdercoat option for 600$) 

A replacement windshield washer bottle and pump to accommodate for intercooler piping. 

An exhaust manifold bracket to hold the weight of the turbocharger. 

Many heat protection sleeves. 

An oil return bung that will be welded to the oil pan along with all the necessary hoses and fittings to make it work. 

And Finally, a Garrett Turbocharger. 

We also offer a heat wrap option for the exhaust manifold and downpipe. 

The STAGE 1 Lachute Performance will effectively increase your car’s horsepower around 315hp to 330hp. 

Power figures may vary depending on the chosen fuel type. 

Feel free to contact our team for any questions or inquiries.