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Performance: 580+ HP on pump gas 700+ HP on race fuel map (ELF Perfo105) Engine: Lachute Performance AK3 Engine bloc with billet crankshaft, forged pistons and rods. Lachute Pefromance Stage 2 head assy ARP bolts Cosworth Head Gaskets OEM Subaru Gasket Kit Balanced & Blue-Print Assembly OEM Size Intake And Exhaust Ports Ferrea Racing Components / Competition Plus Intake And Exhaust Valves Manley 6mm Hardened Heat-Treated Steel Valve Locks Multi Angle Valve Job CNC Machined Port Finish Knife Edge Port Divider Valve Lash Set Specialty Fasteners & Components Ltd / 3" Hydraflow 14J21 Clamshell Flexible Coupling ( For I/M+T/B )...