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The Mega Mantis Kit for the Subaru Impreza 2008-2014 fits all impreza and wrx models (sti has not been test fitted)

-Angle, 70 degrees depending on your wheel setup and length of control arms

-Tie-rods, Outer tie-rods  included, these fasten to the stock inner tie-rods 

-Ackerman, adjustable Ackerman options from Positive - zero - negative 

-Roll Center, optimized handling by adding 45mm of roll center correction

-Bump steer, perfected bump steer for drifting

-Caster, modifications made to the displaced caster amount giving a good self-steer feel for the driver and maximizing the performance for drifting

-Camber, optimized camber ranging from -3 to -6

-Track Width, 25-75mm wider per side creating a stable and high clearance front end

-Suspension Travel, long travel range, full lock to full lock at any point throughout  suspension travel for increased grip 

-Joints, Chromoly Heim joints, and spherical bearings with self-lubricating nylon race, easily replaceable 

-Weight Reduction, compact drop knuckle design makes for a lightweight and strong design made from high strength alloy steel, 7075 aluminum used where possible which provides steel-like strength at 40% weight reduction. 


-The Kit includes everything needed to install, ABS sensors cannot be used on this kit, and ABS is not recommended for drifting, this kit is for offroad use only,

- You must use either an FRS/BRZ wheel bearing or you must cut the axle stubs and leave them installed in the OEM AWD bearing.