Exedy Clutch usagé STI 6 vitesses *USAGÉ

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Clutch kit complet twin plate avec flywheel avec peu d'usure

For high-powered applications, EXEDY offers twin and triple Multi-Plate clutches. These are designed for high power street as well as drag, road and rally racing. The twin plate clutches are rated for approximately 500 ft/lbs of torque and the triple plate


FM022HD Heavy Duty Subaru STi Clutch Kit

Notes HD Heavy Duty
Hyper Twin Cerametallic Clutch
Sprung Center Disc
Pull Type Cover
Clamp Load 2652
Disc Diameter (Inches) 7.9
Disc Diameter (Millimeters) 200
Kit Contents CM29H, PP02, IM01, DM16DA, DM16DB, FR01, FM13, BS05, BS01, PR01, BF08 and Alignment Tool
Spline Count 24
Spline Size (Inches) 1
Spline Size (Millimeters) 25.2
Torque Capacity (ft/lbs.) 615