LP400R logo on the dashboard

Laser engraving incorporates the LP400R logo on the dashboard to add a touch of exclusivity.

serial number

An identification number is stamped on the dashboard to clearly identify the car.

Exclusive front seats

The LP400 retains its original seats while adding a personal touch with the LP400R logo.

Harness bar

A "harness bar" was installed in the LP400R to allow the installation of 4 points competitions belts for good support when driving on race tracks.

4 points race belts

An important asset for excellent support on the race track.

AIM MXL2 display

The LP400R has a MXL2 AIM screen. We find a wealth of information accessible at a glance, including the layout of the circuit, your laps times, vital data and also the possibility to connect several sensors of pressure and temperature. Including a GPS, it can retrieve information from your sessions on track. A must for all pilots who want improved his laps times.