Proudly prepared by the team of Lachute Performance, this second generation of the LP400 is again a great reflection of our expertise as Subaru Car Specialist.

For over ten years, the name of Lachute Performance is synonymous with expertise, rigor, performance and quality.

Steeped experience by winning many titles and championships in various racing disciplines such as the Canadian and North American rally, road circuit and the time attack, Lachute Performance has built a leading position in the preparation of Subaru cars.

This expertise and dedication have been incorporated in all elements of the LP400

The LP400 is a performance car.

His AWD provides it an undeniable advantage in winter conditions, allowing to enjoy the car 12 months a year.

The LP400 was designed for everyday use and to go on the track.

BALANCED. Definition: Fair distribution of the elements of a whole.

This is the greatest quality of this car, the balance is felt in the driving of the LP400, but it is also present in all the elements of preparation. The car offers more power, more braking capacity, better handling and durability, all in perfect balance.

We have transformed and improved the vital elements of the car: suspension components, braking, handling, gross horsepower and durability to make its global behavior to meet our highest quality standards.

You will find on the website, under the tab LP400, all improvements in the LP400.

The LP400 options package costs $ 26,900 plus taxes. (That includes parts and labor)

Three models are available:

LP400 2016

39 760$ + LP400 package (26 900$) = 66 660$

LP400 2016 Sport

42 560$ + LP400 package (26 900$) = 69 460$

LP400 2016 Sport-Tech

47 160$ +  LP400 package LP400 (26 900$) = 74 060$

New for 2016:

It is now possible to optimize your current 2015-2016 Subaru STI in LP400 edition.

Each new LP400, is covered by a warranty of 3 years / 60 * 000KM. (Get the details from our team)


Please contact our sales department for more information:

Phone: 450-562-0344

Email: sales@lachuteperformance.com