Programming with the EcuTeK software, allows our expert programmer to communicate with the car's computer and change some parameters such:  air / fuel, "boost", "timing". The LP300 has a custom mapping.

Lachute Performance J-Pipe

Designed to improve the flow of exhaust gas and made entirely of stainless steel 304L, this downpipe is highly efficient and durable. 

It also has an additional input to facilitate the installation of the "wideband" sensor during tunings. 

Lachute Performance Catback

Handmade in our workshops according to our high quality standards, the Lachute Performance Catback is made of stainless steel grade 304. 

All flanges were laser cut and TIG welded on both sides to provide optimum performance. 

The Lachute Performance manufacturing team pays careful attention to the sound quality. 

The Lachute Performance Catback will provide your Subaru "rumble" long sought and so distinctive of the Boxer engine. 

The sound of the car with this catback reflects the performance without being too loud, just enough to be enjoyable. 

We manufacture an quiet, efficient and sustainable exhaust systems.

Short ram air intake

The LP300 has an air intake providing a higher air flow while maintaining the optimal level of filtration for the turbo.

Engine spécification


320 HP

280 Lbs of torque

(94 Octane)


Subaru 6 speed gearbox or CVT