LP300 logo - Front grill

We have engraved the LP 300 logo on the front grille. A subtle touch that adds exclusivity to this special edition.

Exclusive LP300 livery

A defining, sober and yet effective livery provides the LP300 with a unique look.

Front lip

The LP300 is equipped with a front lip which gives it a more aggressive look while adding a touch of style to the car.

Roof wing

La LP300 est muni d'une aileron de toit qui lui procure un look dynamique.

rear wing - Option

To complete the overall aesthetic, we grafted a stylish low profile wings on the rear trunk of the LP300.

LP300 logo - Trunk

To properly identify the LP300, a logo is located on the trunk.

Subaru / Symmetrical AWD black emblems - Option

To add a touch of style, as an option, we propose to replace the Subaru / Symmetrical AWD emblems that are usually chrome, for the Hikari edition emblems which are black.

Black fenders emblems - Option

Optionally available, you can stylized your LP300 by replacing the emblems oem fenders emblems with black stylized emblems.