Imagine yourself driving a Subaru WRX with its new 2.0l turbocharged direct injection engine that delivers more power than its big sister the Subaru STI.

This is what offers the LP300 with 320HP / 280Lb of torque, the LP300 is more powerful than the Subaru STI.

The power is good, but the balance is always better,

BALANCED. Definition: Fair distribution of the elements of a whole. 
This is the greatest quality of this car, the balance is felt when driving the LP300, but it is also present in all the elements of preparation. 
The car offers more power, more braking capacity and maneuverability, all in perfect balance.

Lachute Performance has a strong reputation as a specialist and Subaru car preparer.

You find this expertise in the preparation of the LP300.

Designed to respond to everyday use, the LP300 is powerfulaffordable and easy to maintain.

You can purchase your new LP300 in Lachute Perfomance or if you already own a WRX 2015+ can optimize your WRX in LP300 release.

The group of LP300 options start at $7 395 (parts and labor) plus tax.


You will find on this website under the tab LP300, all the improvements that are found on the LP300.

The look is revisited power, braking system, suspension and aesthetics.

The preparation of the car is done in two days, allowing you to quickly enjoy your new LP300.

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